Maison Cover Maisos Zakro
Maison Secret Secret report
<<1>> the band livens up japanese gothic scene from abroad catchy synth pop sounds with dark and reflective lyrics. the band from SanFrancisco U.S. they takes interests in goth scenes in various countries, and in japan, also had been made many shows. they spreads the world view of their own in japanese clubculture scene. <> they has many players in various places, and the gothic band with very unique style. in fact zAkro is also joining, mainly in japan tour as a guest member. <> general info.(site URL and so on) but it\'s made in august, so they don\'t include TDCinSF. <<2>> stage costumes and properties are all handmade by the frontman Rob. he acts in states and other places and to be a bridge of goth scenes between U.S. and japan.