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update November 17th, 2006

Knitting Factory 2006

In August of 2006 Secret Secret appeard with Blood, The Last Dance, and Lo:lita at the Knitting Factory in LA. Photos by Yuki, Trevor, and various friends.

Slims 2006

In September of 2006 Secret Secret appeard with at Slims n SF. Photos by JM and TJ.

Secret Love

Guinevere and Robert share their Secret Love. Photos by Jessica.

Dark Arts Festival 2005

In June of 2005 Secret Secret co-headlined the Dark Arts Festival in Salt Lake City Utah. Photos by Morgan.

Kobe Underground Festival

In June of 2004 Auto-Mod and Secret Secret brought the TDC experience to Kansai for the most extravagant gothic event ever seen in Kobe, Japan. Additional photos by Michael. Photos of Secret Secret on stage by Aka Neko.



Photos of Secret Secret.