Book of Secret Secret: Wings

Secret Secret is busy these days putting together shows and more music. The SS myspace page is up! New photos are in the Cherubs section.


San Francisco Goth Synth Industrial
San Francisco
Goth Synth Industrial
Vol. 1


update Novemer 17th, 2006


More Photos up including the recent shows at Slims in San Francisco and the Knitting Factory in Los Angeles.


update October 9th, 2006


Secret Secret now has a VampireFreaks page.


update August 9th, 2005


Secret Secret now has a Myspace page.


update October 3rd, 2004


The Cherubs section is now enabled to display photos of Secret Secret in various events and outing.


update July 19th, 2004

■Book of Secret Secret

Created as a means to present details including magazine appearances, member histories, photos, live schedules, fan art, and other trivia for the band Secret Secret.



update November 28th, 2006
  • December, 2006
    『Time Magazine』 December/06  (Circling Back To Sewing)
  • October, 2005
    『Gothic Beauty』 Fall/05 Issue 18  (Dark Arts Festival Report)
  • February, 2005
    『Sick Among the Pure』 02/05  (Robert Blaque Interview) - view
  • February, 2005
    『Your Music Magazine』 vol.27  (Dark Castle Report)
  • November, 2004
    『Maison』 (Secret Secret report) - view


update October 3rd, 2004
  • September, 2004
    『Gothic & Lolita Bible』 vol.14  (Street Snap)
  • July, 2004
    『SHOXX』 vol.133 (PMX Report)
  • March, 2004
    『Gothic & Lolita Bible』 vol.12  (Dark Castle Report) - view
  • December, 2003
    『Gothic & Lolita Bible』 vol.11  (Dark Castle Report) - view
  • December, 2003
    『Burst』  (Dark Castle Report) - view
  • 2001
    『Burst』 vol.99 (Tokyo Goth & Darkwave report) - view
  • 200X
    『Lexicon』   (Interview)


update August 16th, 2004
  • 2003, May 22nd
    『Kobe Shinbun』 (Kobe Underground Festival preview) - view


update July 19th, 2004
  • 200X
    『Starvox』 vol.133 (SFGSI Review)
  • 200X
    『Gothic Beauty』   (SFGSI Review)
  • 200X
    『Starvox』   (Living Secrets Review)


update July 19th, 2004
  • 2004
    『Gothic Beauty』 Issue 11 (Kari-ssu-mummy Interview)
  • 2003
    『Gothic Beauty』 Issue 9  (Lolita Article)



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